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When you need to get some heavy lifting or moving done quickly and efficiently in Campbellfield, bringing a forklift on-site can make for a great cost-effective solution. Triwest Forklifts are the area’s leading specialist supplier of all forklift models, old or new, large or small. We will recommend the machine or machines that suit your business profile best, and our team of experts are always happy to break down the advantages and disadvantages of each choice to better inform your decision.


The Respected Forklift Experts Providing A Range Of Related Services

Triwest Forklifts have been dealing with the lifting and moving needs of businesses in Campbellfield and across Melbourne for more than 40 years. Our unmatched range of services and solutions can provide for any business or project, regardless of budget or scale. If you can’t justify the expense and long-term overhead attached to a brand new forklift purchase, then we can work with you to tailor a solution involving our high-value second-hand forklifts or even a short to long-term rental. We’ve seen that the best way we can provide value to the community is to make the benefits of forklifts available to as many businesses as possible, and as such we’re committed to doing whatever we can to make them more accessible.
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Get Ongoing Forklift Repairs And Maintenance From Campbellfield’s Top Dealer

Triwest Forklifts provide the full spectrum of services to help your business further optimize its forklift use. Our preventative maintenance techniques, honed over decades, help to maximize uptime and actively address failure points before they can bring a stop to your work. If a breakdown does occur, our technicians can be on hand fast to repair and replace any parts as efficiently as possible. Our repair work is reliable and safe, and we offer a 90-day warranty on any forklift we work on to reflect our confidence in that.

Speak To Us About Forklift Sales, Hire, And Servicing

Contact Triwest today for forklift sales, hire, and servicing if you’re in Campbellfield. Call 1800 TRIWEST, or use our online form to submit your message. We pride ourselves on offering a standout level of customer service. For expert advice on top-performing forklifts along with reliable servicing, there’s no better team to call.

We also work with businesses in Dandenong, Geelong, Keysboroughand beyond.

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