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Flameproof Forklifts

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Flameproof Forklifts

You need many things at your facility – efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and flexibility. But safety has to come first each and every time. With a flameproof forklift truck, you can make sure that you hit those all-important safety standards without fail. At the same time, you’ll be able to tick off those other key metrics for success too. Browse our range of diesel flameproof forklift trucks and find what you need, or reach out to our team with any questions.
Diesel Forklift

What Is A Flameproof Forklift?

A flameproof forklift is a unit that has been rated for use in some hazardous environments. These are environments in which combustible dust or explosive gases may be found. According to Australian standards, hazardous environments are divided up into five key zones.

  • Zone 0 features a flammable atmosphere on a continuous or frequent basis or for extended periods – no forklifts are permitted to operate here.
  • Zone 1 may feature a flammable atmosphere as part of regular operations
  • Zone 2 may feature a flammable atmosphere with regular operations, but only for a short period
  • Zone 21 may feature combustible dust
  • Zone 22 may feature combustible dust as a secondary source

Forklifts are not allowed in zone 0. Forklifts in zones 1, 2, 21, and 22 must be flameproofed. In other words, all the potential causes of an ignition or flare must be removed from the unit. The unit will then be tested and examined to make sure it is safe for use in these environments.

What Is Unique About A Flameproof Forklift?

A flameproof forklift is unique in that there is no potential source of ignition anywhere on the equipment. Standard diesel forklifts will have an ignition spark that is used to start the engine, while electric forklifts may have points of friction or static that can create a spark or flare. Whether electric or diesel, flameproofed forklifts have had these potential sources of ignition removed by qualified technicians. This may take place during manufacture or during a retrofitting operation on a used forklift.

How Does Forklift Flameproofing Work?

Firstly, only electric and diesel forklifts can be flameproofed. Petrol and LPG units are not suitable for flameproofing and so cannot be used in any of the above zones. Take a look at the process below:

  • All the electrical systems within the forklift are fully enclosed to prevent sparks or points of ignition.
  • Diesel forklifts will have hydraulic or pneumatic gear systems fitted, eliminating the electronic components that can cause ignition.
  • All lighting, batteries, and alternators are replaced with flameproofed components.
  • Air start or Exd electric starter motors are fitted, so there is no electric spark needed to start the engine.

Ready to get started? The team at Triwest Forklifts are ready to help you! Browse our range or reach out to our team to discover more.

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