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Which forklift brands are the best?

Which forklift brands are the best

Not sure which forklift brand to go with? Don’t worry, because we’ve got all the info you need right here. From Hyster and Yale to Nichiyu forklifts, we’ll break down the top performers so you can make the best call.


When looking at making a big purchase for your business it can be difficult to know which brands you can really trust. When it comes to forklifts – Hyster is the leader of the pack. As one of the industry’s most recognisable and trusted brands, it’s likely that you’ve come across one of their forklifts at some point.
With an extensive range from 1 tonne light duty applications to 52 tonne beasts. Diesel to electric and indoor and outdoor options – there will be a Hyster forklift to suit and chances are you have a friend or colleague who can vouch for their reliability.

Yale have been experts in forklift innovation since the early 1900s so when it comes to experience and know-how, Yale can’t be beaten. This was  solidified when they combined forces with Hyster. Together the two well-known brands have broadened their scope and have an even larger selection of machinery and attachments.


While not occupying a significant portion of the overall market, Hiab is quickly expanding globally and becoming more of a household name. Particularly with their popular truck-mounted Moffett product range. Boasting a streamlined design and maneuverability to fit more easily into tight spaces.

Hiab are continually evolving and acquiring expertise from other companies to ensure their products are the most innovative on the market.


It’d be difficult to find someone who doesn’t know the brand name Toyota – however, not necessarily in relation to forklifts. Whilst being more broadly known for selling cars, Toyota is one of the highest selling material handling companies in the world and is continuously ranked high by users.

If you’re looking for simplicity, ease and comfort – Toyota is your go to.


Nichiyu is a global forklift company that specialises in electric forklifts made out of Japan. They are constantly evolving their design to be quieter, more efficient and environmentally friendly. If you are thinking of going electric for your fleet of forklifts then Nichiyu forklifts should definitely be on your list. 

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If you’re tossing up about which brand would be best suited to you, it’s always worth asking around for opinions and recommendations from others on high-quality forklifts. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Triwest to have a chat about this further.

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