Forklifts for Sale in Ballarat


Triwest Forklifts is Ballarat’s leading provider of new and used forklifts for sale. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality forklift service for you and your business. We provide a large range of forklifts that we ensure will improve the working conditions of your warehouse.

Our mission: make the working conditions of your warehouse better, we want to enhance the efficiency of operations in the Ballarat area and provide your company with the resources to move the heavy objects in your warehouse. You can choose from a range of LPG, petrol, diesel, and electric forklifts that are all safety guaranteed and quality manufactured.

New forklifts


Our new forklifts for sale are affordable and are supported by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our professionally designed forklifts are fitted with Japanese engines which ensures that you can benefit from heightened productivity and the knowledge that our forklifts are reliable and meet safety standards.


Used forklifts for sale


We here at Triwest Forklifts understand that whilst your warehouse is in need of the highest quality service in forklifts, the cost can be an issue. That is why we strive to provide Ballarat customers with reliant and affordable used forklifts. Our second-hand forklifts are equipped with the highest standard equipment and will provide you with the service you need without taking a huge chunk out of your balance.


Our used forklifts are professionally maintained and repaired to ensure safety and reliability, and they come with a 30-day warranty and our promise that if for any reason the forklift has a problem, we will come and provide a repair whenever you need us to.


Contact us today to find out more


If you are interested in purchasing one of our highly equipped new or used forklifts in Ballarat, do not hesitate to call us on 1800 874 937 to speak with one of our friendly staff about providing your warehouse with the perfect forklift. If you like you can even drop us an email on our website and we will provide a response regarding your concern as quickly as we possibly can.


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