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New Forklifts

New Forklifts for Sale in Melbourne

Triwest Forklifts is a leading supplier of brand-new handling equipment in Melbourne. We provide a range of global brands to the local industry and a team of experienced professionals who can help you choose the right forklift.  Elevate your operations with high-performance forklifts, combining cutting-edge technology, reliability, and exceptional service to enhance efficiency and meet your business needs. See our selection of brand-new forklifts for sale in Melbourne. At Triwest Forklifts we can provide you with an assortment of affordable new forklifts for sale supported by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our mission is to improve your working conditions. To give you the resources to handle the distribution of materials and enhance the efficiency of your warehouse operations. That is why you can confidently choose from our range of LPG, petrol, diesel, and electric forklifts and invest in industry-approved products that are designed to last.


Our Selection of Brand New Forklifts in Melbourne

At Triwest Forklifts, we're not just forklift dealers; we're your trusted allies in conquering any cargo challenge with brand-new forklifts built for peak performance.

Cutting Edge: Professionally designed to incorporate Japanese engines that increase productivity and reliability while meeting the industry standard for safety.

Software Upgrade: The Operator Presence Sensing System(OPS) is a safety feature that locks hydraulic lifting and tilt, as well as disables forward and reverse travel when an operation leaves the seat, protecting your workers and stock and, in turn, protecting your business.

Why Choose Our Brand New Forklifts?

With over four decades of dedicated service, we have assisted businesses in their warehousing initiatives by providing a selection of dependable new forklifts for sale in Melbourne. 

Our commitment is grounded in delivering genuine value for your investment. Whether you opt for LPG, diesel, or electric models, our diverse range allows you to customise your choice based on your specific material handling requirements. Ranging from 1.5 to 10 tonnes, our LPG and diesel forklifts offer versatility, while our electric forklifts provide options between four-wheel and three-wheel designs and collection pallet trucks. 

Our new forklifts are crafted to facilitate seamless operations. In the event of a repair requirement, our experienced team is readily available to respond promptly, ensuring minimal downtime and a swift return to optimal functionality. We understand the Melbourne market if you want to buy a new forklift. That's why our dedicated team provides expert advice to navigate the options and find the perfect fit for your business.

Diesel Forklifts

Triwest Forklift: Your Life-Long Logistics Partner

At Triwest Forklifts, our relationship with you extends far beyond the initial purchase of your brand-new forklift. Maximising your investment requires exceptional maintenance and support to keep your machinery humming seamlessly and your business firing on all cylinders. Choosing Triwest provides you with more than just acquiring a top-notch forklift; it also secures the long-term support and expertise you need to thrive in the dynamic Melbourne logistics landscape. We treat your business as our own, ensuring your forklift investment pays off today and continues to deliver value for years to come. You've come to the right place if you’re looking for new forklifts for sale in Melbourne.

Triwest Forklifts emerges as your reliable local ally, offering an unparalleled selection of high-performance forklifts for sale in Melbourne. With a team of experienced professionals committed to high standards, our forklifts, supported by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, elevate your operations with cutting-edge technology and safety features. 

Choose Triwest Forklifts today and let us do the heavy lifting. We can also help with rental options and servicing and repairs.

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The efficiency and reliability of our new forklifts are unmatched as we are passionate about providing you with superior support, advice, and guidance. Combined with our excellent warranties you can be certain that with Triwest Forklifts you can get the job done. Choose Triwest Forklifts today and let us do the heavy lifting. We can also help with rental options and servicing and repairs.

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