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Long-Term Forklift Rental

Triwest offers long-term forklift hire for your construction, development and other needs. Our team provides a diverse array of forklifts from world-renowned brands at reasonable prices. With Triwest’s long-term forklift hire, experience the ease of having the right machinery for your operations, backed by our expertise in selecting the ideal model to enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Long Term Forklift Rental

Looking for a long-term forklift rental service? The team at Triwest can help. We have a range of rental options available that are affordably priced and offer great value to customers. Our comprehensive selection of forklifts are manufactured by leading brands from around the world and we can provide advice as to the best model for your needs.

Look to us for major brands such as:


Australian Owned and Operated

Australian Owned and Operated

We understand the importance of reliable, high-performing materials handling equipment. That’s why we only supply top-of-the-line models to customers that depend on the best equipment to get the job done. As an Australian-owned and operated business, you can expect an exceptional level of service and support at all times.

The Benefits of Long-term Forklift hire

Opting for long-term forklift hire with Triwest is a wise decision to cut overheads and enhance efficiency at your site. This approach offers these key advantages:

Extensive range of machinery

Triwest offers a diverse selection of units for long-term forklift rental, featuring top-tier brands such as HysterYaleToyota, and Nichiyu. These forklifts exceed industry standards with superior maneuverability, load capacity, durability, and safety features.

Flexible contract terms

We specialise in long-term forklift rental with tailored agreements that align with your budget. Our rental periods can also be adjusted to suit your specific operational activities, ensuring affordability and convenience.

Low cash investment

Long-term forklift hire is a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for substantial capital investment. Our reasonable rates help you make more sustainable business choices. This approach frees up funds, allowing you to invest more in other areas of your business.

Cost matched to usage

At Triwest, you pay only for the time you rent our forklifts, giving you strategic flexibility in your spending and maximising your budget efficiency. You do not have to waste money when your operations are idle.

Rental payments deductible from tax

With Triwest’s long-term forklift hire, you can achieve significant savings through tax deductions. The cost of renting our forklifts is often deductible, reducing your business’s taxable income. It’s another way to enhance your financial efficiency.

Maintenance and support

On your own, maintenance can be costly and time-consuming. We provide ongoing maintenance support, ensuring you avoid breakdowns and delays without incurring extra costs. This service is part of our commitment to your seamless operations.

Easily up-scale

Upscaling is hassle-free with Triwest’s long-term forklift hire. Should you need more forklifts mid-operation, we can swiftly supply additional units. Our extensive range of ready-to-use forklifts ensures we meet your evolving needs promptly.

Opting for long-term forklift hire with Triwest, as opposed to purchasing, offers several distinct advantages. Consider the following:

Up-to-Date Equipment

With long-term hire, you can access the latest forklift models and technologies. You don’t have to repeatedly invest in new equipment; simply opt for our most current units.

Risk Reduction

Hiring reduces the financial risks associated with equipment obsolescence and unexpected breakdowns. Since Triwest is responsible for the upkeep and replacement of the equipment, you don’t have to worry about the equipment becoming outdated or non-functional.

Operational Predictability

With a fixed rental cost, budgeting becomes more predictable. You have a clear understanding of your monthly expenses without the uncertainty of variable maintenance and repair costs that come with ownership.

Long-term forklift hire offers unparalleled flexibility, adapting to your changing business needs. With Triwest, you can scale up or down as required.

In the event of a breakdown during the long-term forklift rental, Triwest provides prompt repair or replacement.

Yes, you can hire multiple forklifts under a single long-term hire agreement.

Extending your long-term forklift hire contract is straightforward; simply contact Triwest to adjust the duration.


Discover the advantages of long-term forklift rental with Triwest, your go-to solution in Campbellfield and across Melbourne. Whether you need long-term or short-term hire optionselectric or LPG forklifts, or require reliable maintenance and servicing, we’re here to assist. 

Experience minimal downtime with our swift rental solutions, keeping your operations smooth and efficient. Connect with us today at 1800 874 937, or visit our office at Unit 2, 105 Merola Way, Campbellfield, VIC 3061.

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