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Container Forklift for Hire

Container forklifts are best for heavy-duty tasks, especially when managing and transporting large shipping containers. An essential in busy ports, construction sites, and warehouses, our container forklifts for hire at Triwest Forklift Services are tailored for your material handling needs. Dive into our selection of dependable container forklift rentals, and we can be partners in enhancing your operational capacity.

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Renting container forklifts presents several distinct advantages:

  • Financial Flexibility: Renting eliminates the need for a large initial investment, letting you spend more on other necessities.
  • No Maintenance Costs: We manage all the upkeep and servicing fees. When we hand over our container forklifts, they're all ready to use. 
  • Access to Various Models: When you rent with us, you'll access a wide range of container forklift models. You can freely select which equipment to use at any given time, adapting to changing needs.


Triwest’s container forklift rentals have top-tier safety features, underlining our commitment to a secure working environment. Before renting out units, we thoroughly check all forklifts and components. We’ll ensure everything works, from the overhead guard, proximity sensor and even seatbelts. And if you’re in a hurry, we can work with minimal downtime.


At Triwest, we ensure our forklift rental process is straightforward and user-friendly. Select from our extensive range of forklifts to find the best equipment for your activities. You have the flexibility to choose between short-term or long-term rental terms. Additionally, we’re here to discuss and arrange the necessary support services, ensuring your rental experience is seamless, efficient, and perfectly aligned with your operational needs.

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Elevate your operations with a professional container forklift hire from Triwest. Contact us to book your rental and experience enhanced efficiency in your material handling. You can trust us for tailored, practical solutions.

Yes, operating a container forklift requires specific training to ensure safe and efficient handling. When you opt for container forklift hire from us, we can provide the necessary training and guidance.

Container forklifts are primarily designed for outdoor use, especially in areas like ports and large storage yards. Their size and power may limit their suitability for indoor environments.

Yes, when you choose a container forklift rental from us, comprehensive maintenance and servicing are included. This ensures the forklift remains in optimal condition throughout your rental period.

If you encounter a mechanical issue with your container forklift hire, contact us immediately. Our team will provide prompt assistance and resolve the issue to minimise downtime.

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