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Diesel Forklifts

New Diesel Forklifts for Sale

Triwest is a leading supplier of high-quality materials handling equipment in Melbourne and beyond. With our vast range of new diesel forklifts available for sale, you can confidently look to us. Leveraging a collective expertise of over 40 years, our team can advise and support you when choosing the perfect model for your needs. Browse online today and know that all our diesel forklifts come with a 3-year warranty as the standard.

Benefits of Diesel Triwest Forklifts

Triwest Forklifts takes pride in presenting an in-depth exploration of the benefits inherent in diesel forklifts, made for the demands of heavy-duty applications. Browse our extensive selection if you want new diesel forklifts.

Heavy Duty Power: The reliability and strength of every diesel forklift ensures optimal performance in demanding work environments.

Enhanced Efficiency: Modern diesel engines offer impressive fuel efficiency, maximising your operational budget and minimising downtime for refuelling. 

Built for the Long Haul: Their robust construction stands up to harsh conditions, dust, and wear and tear, ensuring years of reliable service and minimising costly maintenance needs.

Diesel Forklifts

All the diesel forklifts we supply are designed with safety, efficiency and performance in mind. Expect top-of-the-line technology and features that make operation easy for your entire team. We carry machines from leading brands worldwide with proven track records, such as Hyster, Yale, Toyota, and Nichiyu.

Our diesel forklift lineup encompasses various capacities to accommodate a spectrum of material handling demands:

Medium-Sized: Perfect for small warehouses and easier maneuverability.

Heavy-duty:  Built for heavy machinery and construction materials.

Triwest Forklifts has a range of 2-ton diesel forklifts for sale and more that can help you with your daily logistic needs.

Triwest can also help if you’re looking to buy other new forklifts, including electrical and LPG models.

Our brands include:


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Choose Triwest Forklifts for your material handling needs in Melbourne. With over forty years of expertise, our team provides unparalleled expert advice, ensuring you find a brand-new diesel forklift in Melbourne. Elevate your operations with Triwest Forklifts – where reliability, specialist guidance, and customer satisfaction converge. Contact us today for top-quality solutions tailored to your requirements across Melbourne and beyond, including Dandenong, Geelong, and Campbellfield.

Need help with servicing and repairs? Our mobile technicians will get you back up and running in no time.

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