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A series rider pallet truck


Rider Electric Pallet Jack

The rider pallet truck boasting the latest AC drive technology, offers advanced performance, maximum comfort and safety, optimal reliability and low maintenance costs. An electric pallet rider is the ideal tool for heavy duty and long distance transport operations.



The front and back guard features steel stamping and injection moulding processes for a robust, durable and environmentally compliant body.



The compact body and semicircular design allow the pallet rider to be operated in tight spaces.


High Performance

The AC traction motor provides powerful acceleration and climbing, and the low heat and brushless design make the ride on pallet truck virtually maintenance-free.



The quality hydraulic power unit provides low noise, low vibration, smooth lifting and reliable landing, while waterproof connectors ensure all wires and cables are protected to ensure a reliable electric system.



The A series ride on pallet truck features a fully openable hood for easy accessibility of all components, as well as lubricated shaft sleeves for convenient servicing.



For over four decades, businesses across Australia have trusted Triwest Forklifts to provide the best electric ride on pallet trucks to streamline their operations. Explore the full range of forklifts for sale, including electric forklifts and electric pallet trucks, and take advantage of our 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and excellent aftercare service.


Choose Triwest Forklifts and browse our range of electric pallet trucks. If you have a question about a specific model, our expert team is always available to assist with any queries. Get in touch with us today.

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