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1.8t Pantograph reach truck(Stand-on)


1.8t Pantograph Stand On Reach Truck

The new electric stand-on pantograph reach truck with 1.8t load capacity is ideal for limited space operation.



Spacious operator compartment, integrated dashboard, and an ergonomic layout of controllers make the stand on forklift comfortable to operate. An optimised mast design provides a grand view to the operator, and the soft landing system also provides extra protection for the loads.



All of the main electric components – controllers, connectors, plug and emergency switch – are made by quality brands and meet standard specifications. The electric and hydraulic systems feature an overloading protection system, and a high-frequency Mosfet controller ensures maximum reliability when it comes to driving and lifting.



Thanks to the right and left 90° turning wheel, the reach truck has a small turning radius which is ideal for stacking narrow and wide aisles.



Reach internal components easily with a fully openable cover and removable battery. Electric components are completely sealed to protect themm from water and dust.


Standard Specifications

  • Japan CCI PU tyre
  • Germany INTORQ brake and Hyundai accelerator
  • Emergency switch
  • 3m -2 stage wide view mast
  • Integrated side shift
  • Reverse beeper
  • Rear view mirror
  • File box
  • Grip



  • Rubber drive wheel
  • 4.3m – 7.5m triplex mast
  • 2.7m – 4.5m duplex mast with free lift
  • Different dimension forks
  • Attachments
  • Lifting height indicator
  • Cold store
  • Camera system




Triwest Forklifts have been supporting businesses across Australia for over four decades by providing quality stand up forklifts to streamline operations. Browse our full range of forklifts for sale, including electric forklifts and electric walkie stackers, and take advantage of our exceptional aftercare service and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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