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Hand Pallet Truck


Durable Hand Pallet Trucks For Various Applications

A must for any warehouse, hand pallet trucks allow for easy transportation of pallets and other loads. They are also commonly referred to as manual pallet jacks or pallet trolleys and are suitable for everyday use. At Triwest Forklifts, you’ll find a range of pallet jacks for sale that are built with top quality materials and designed for maximum durability and reliability.


Load Capacity

Most hand pallet jacks have a load capacity of up to 2500kg, making them suitable for various warehouse applications. If you’re looking for a hand jack pallet to meet a specific requirement or lift height, please feel free to contact us.


Manual Pallet Jack Dimensions

Most manual pallet jacks can handle loads with dimensions between 1700mm and 2000mm. If you need a specific pallet jack for your warehouse, contact our expert team today to find the best one to suit your needs.



Businesses across Australia have been turning to Triwest Forklifts for all their warehouse needs for over four decades. We offer an exceptional selection of pallets jacks for sale to help streamline your operations. Browse our other products for sale including and A series rider pallet trucks, and take advantage of our aftercare service plus 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Choose Triwest Forklifts and browse our range of hand pallet trucks. Our expert team is always available to chat about your needs; get in touch with us now.

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