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How often should a forklift be inspected?

How often should a forklift be inspected

Inspecting forklifts is a crucial part of regular maintenance at any operational facility, particularly for a forklift service in Melbourne. Keeping all your resources in top condition not only helps with their longevity and optimal functioning but maintaining high safety standards as well. But how often should you inspect a forklift? Here’s what you need to know.    

What the Australian Standard says

The Australian Standard for forklift trucks (AS 2359.1 Powered Industrial Trucks) recommends that you service forklifts at least once every six months or every 250 operating hours. Ideally, whichever comes first. It’s also recommended that forklifts must only be inspected, maintained, and repaired by qualified forklift technicians. For more information on the Australian Standards for forklifts, check out the official documentation.

Additionally, Safe Work Australia recommends that operators should inspect forklifts whenever they are being used at the start of a shift.

What includes forklift inspections

Generally, these inspections kick off with pre-start forklift inspections. This includes both visual checks and physical checks that help you assess the condition of the forklift. The process is then followed by an operational forklift inspection. Here, you would ensure that serious issues can be identified prior to operating the forklifts. 

Considerations for maintaining a forklift service in Melbourne

When deciding on the frequency of forklift inspections, it’s important to consider some factors that will impact your maintenance schedules. 

Make and model

The make, model and age of the forklifts will determine how you service them. A newer model may have different maintenance requirements than an older model. For example, a forklift that’s been in operation for over two years may need more work whereas a newly acquired forklift will likely require less maintenance.

Application type

Different types of forklifts perform a variety of functions. Forklifts that tend to be more labour intensive have a higher risk of breakdown. These forklifts would require more frequent inspections.

Working environment

The existing environment impacts the wear and tear of forklifts greatly. High temperatures, humidity, dust, and moisture all could easily accelerate rust and corrosion build up over time.

Hire a qualified technician

The next important consideration is to utilise the services of a qualified and trained technician. It’s always advisable to obtain professional assistance, particularly when it comes to maintaining specialised equipment. 

Qualified technicians come with a lot of experience. This means that regardless of the make and model, they will work around to service the forklifts. Furthermore, these technicians typically follow the highest standards of the industry. So in other words, you get the best possible expertise in determining the level of service your forklifts need.

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