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Condition: Secondhand
Year: 2000
Make: Toyota
Forklift Features: Container Mast, Side Shift Solid Tyres
Forklift Mast Type: Triplex Mast (3 Stage)
Fuel Type: Diesel
Max Capacity (kg): 2500
Max Lift Height (m): 4.3 m lift height


Your key to optimal performance in hazardous environments

The Toyota 2.5t compact explosion-proof forklift isn’t just a piece of equipment, it’s a game-changer in industries where safety is paramount. Engineered with precision, this explosion-proof forklift is designed to operate seamlessly in environments with a high risk of flammable or explosive materials. In addition, this model of forklift is ideal for use in tight spaces. Container access with side shift for ease of use. Fitted with windscreen and fire extinguisher. Machine is a zone 1 class 1 diesel flameproof machine that can be used in hazardous area applications.

This machine has been refurbished and is in good condition. 


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Choosing Triwest Forklifts for your business brings a multitude of advantages. Our established reputation for expertise and trustworthiness guarantees you a reliable and high-quality product, from brand-new to used forklifts. Furthermore, we take pride in our unrivalled after-sales support, providing timely and efficient services to keep your Toyota explosion-proof diesel forklift running at its best. And should you wish to explore an alternative option, our robust Hyster 2.5t Counterbalance Forklift also promises exceptional performance. Invest in Triwest Forklifts and experience the robust power and remarkable safety of our explosion-proof diesel forklifts.

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