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Title:                           YALE 2.5t counterbalanced container access forklift
Price:                          POA

Condition:                   Used
No. in Stock:                 1
Year:                               2014
Make:                             Yale
Model:                           GLP25RK
Condition:                      Used
Forklift Features:          Solid Tyres
Forklift Mast Type:       Triplex Mast (3 Stage)
Fuel Type: LPG
Max Lift Height (m):    4.7
Max. Capacity (kg):      2500
Operating Hours:         10005


Empower your operations with the Hyster 2.5T Counterbalance Forklift

Discover the remarkable 2.5 t forklift for sale, an epitome of industrial efficiency and resilience. This innovative model is designed for seamless operation across diverse environments, meeting your needs for reliability and performance. Whether it’s for manoeuvring through compact spaces or handling heavy loads, the versatility and robustness of this forklift model make it an invaluable asset for your business. Whether you’re after a brand new, cutting-edge forklift or a reliable secondhand one, Triwest Forklifts has the right choice to match your needs.


Triwest Forklifts: Your trusted partner for quality and enduring industrial solutions

When you choose Triwest Forklifts, you’re choosing more than just a product. You’re investing in our renowned expertise, solid trustworthiness, and unrivalled after-sales support. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the point of sale, with an array of services designed to keep your forklift in optimal condition. Consider our Hyster 2.5t Counterbalance Forklift as an alternative, for a different blend of power and precision. We also offer an assortment of Yale products, known for their reliability and innovative design. For those in search of a different fuel option, explore our range of LPG forklifts, providing a balance of power and eco-friendly operation. Choose Triwest Forklifts and experience the difference we bring to your industrial operations.

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